Factory Tint Windowfilm® FT CR70 (ceramic) Width 76cm

FactoryTint Windowfilm® is a new brand of windowfilm on the market in Europe.

This windowfilm is produced with the newest technologies and materials to create the ability to have the looks of a factory tinted car.

Factory tint windowfilm® is capable to shrink more then the other films in the industry due the fact of it’s  Hypershrink Technolgy®,

and the Anti Static Technology® which make it easier to shrink windows and in particular the curved windows.

the glue technology® used in the Factor tint windowfilm®  make it easier to get rid of those “white air” edges (ceramic dots).

The FT CR series is unique in his kind.

The CR series is an Ceramic film
This film is extremely suitable for tinting convex car windows

Technical data:

  • Thickness 2.0 Mill (2-Ply)
  • VLT            70%
  • SER             7%
  • TSER          49%
  • TST             35%
  • IRR             80%

VLT = Visible Light Transmission  SER = Solar Energy Reflectance  TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejection  TST = Total Solar Transmission

IRR = Infra Red Rejection


Warranty :
Lifetime as long the original customer owns the vehicle

Order details :
Roll length : 30, 48m
Roll width : 76cm
Minimum order quantity : 1 l/m

Buy 5 for €13,07  each and save 15%

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Price per piece:

From 15.38