Organic Surface Cleaner 0,75L

The Organic Cleaner products have been developed to assure

the least exposure to harmful chemicals of our fellow installers

Most cleaners in the industry have vast percentage of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) among their ingredients,

our aim when developing the Cleaner you will find mostly Ethanol instead of IPA,

a natural ingredient, having way less negative effects on your health, while still

granting robust cleaning benefts.

Organic Surface Cleaner

A concentrated surface cleaner with high ethanol content for removing severe contamination.

Evaporates quickly leaving a perfect surface prior to installation.

Organic Film Cleaner

A 1:1 diluted version of the concentrate, mainly used

for cleaning the film surface after installation or to clean surfaces prior to wet application.

Perfectly enought cleaning power, while even better for your health and the environment.


Installer- and environment-friendly cleaning materials, in bottles of 750 ml.


Price per piece:

7.93 9.60 incl. VAT

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