Factory Tint Windowfilm® FT HP05 Width 51cm

FactoryTint Windowfilm® is a new brand of windowfilm on the market in Europe.

This windowfilm is produced with the newest technologies and materials to create the ability to have the looks of a factory tinted car.

Factory tint windowfilm® is capable to shrink more then the other films in the industry due the fact of it’s  Hypershrink Technolgy®,

and the Anti Static Technology® which make it easier to shrink windows and in particular the curved windows.

the glue technology® used in the Factor tint windowfilm®  make it easier to get rid of those “white air” edges (ceramic dots).

The FT HP  series is unique in his kind.

The HP series ( High Performance) is an metalized film
This film is extremely suitable for tinting convex car windows

Technical data:

  • Thickness 1.5 Mill (2-Ply)
  • VLT            5%
  • SER             12%
  • TSER          61%
  • TST             20%
  • IRR             45%

VLT = Visible Light Transmission  SER = Solar Energy Reflectance  TSER = Total Solar Energy Rejection  TST = Total Solar Transmission

IRR = Infra Red Rejection


Warranty :
Lifetime as long the original customer owns the vehicle

Order details :
Roll length : 30 m
Roll width : 51 cm
Minimum order quantity : 1 l/m

Buy 5 for €5,53  each and save 15%

Buy 30 for €4,23 each and save 35%




Price per piece:

From 6.50